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Nicole G'S Property
Fairfax, CA.

Nicole has a gorgeous property. She needs her yards to function in two very different ways: As a welcoming space for her hair salon clients and as an entertainment space for her family and friends. My approach was to create an enclosed luscious pathway lined with cold tolerant bananas, palms, mexican fence post cacti, agaves, firestick, canna lilies and colorful grasses, leading her clients (with a stop off in the herbal meditation garden or cottage core veggie garden if they like), to a palm-enclosed patio waiting area adjacent to an edible tree-studded cocktail nook separated from the main family yard area by potted palms. The primary backyard is a pergola-covered dining area and a pollinator friendly meadow lawn for the kids to do cartwheels on! This was a difficult line to walk, but Nicole was very pleased. Here's what she had to say:

“Nisha was wonderful to work with - she really understood my concerns and desires for my home landscaping and came up with beautiful creative solutions which is going to give my property lush jungle vibes while still being waterwise. I’m especially excited about the banana and palm lined walkway and the contemplation herb spiral. I highly recommend Nisha as a designer.”

Nicole Final Design (1).png

This design is currently in construction - before and after photos coming soon.

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