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Get weekly tips for growing food in very hot summers and adding beauty to your low-water landscape sustainably.

I am so pleased to present this curated collection of seeds for you. This is a selection of the varieties that have performed the best for me gardening in the extremely hot summers and frosty winters of Joshua Tree. I have harvested many of these seeds from thriving plants in my very own garden. What inspired me to sell the seeds that have worked well for me is that it is extremely complicated to figure out what will grow in super hot climates. Hardiness zones do not enlighten us. Even the new AHS Heat Zones cap out at 86 degrees, leaving desert dwellers and increasingly more people all over the country wondering if plants will survive summers over 100+ degrees. The only way to find out is through experimentation. And that is where I come in. I have been experimenting in my garden for over 8 years in Joshua Tree, CA. And these seeds are my chosen favorite extremophiles. I hope you enjoy and wish you a bountiful harvest. 

Love, Nisha Maxwell

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