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My Property
Joshua Tree, CA.

The goal was to have many outdoor rooms and areas for relaxing and conversations, more shade, a biomorphic hot tub built into the ground with an outdoor shower, edible landscaping permeating the whole property, many native shade trees for pollinators and a beautiful terraced vegetable garden. The design I created to meet these needs was a hyper-modern, permaculture-infused plan with the ethos of the desert spilling into the property from surrounding nature in the form of many boulders, cacti, native shrubs and trees. Formally, I chose a curvilinear theme in order to soften the hard angles of the house. The effect I intended with this cohesive design is a feeling of nature sweeping around the property, with places to stop and appreciate the grandeur at every turn, and plenty of shade in the form of wisteria and grape covered pergolas. 

Thomas L Property Final Design_.png

This design is currently in construction - before and after photos coming soon.

IMG_9059 (1).jpeg
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