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An heirloom vegetable seed collection is a treasure trove for gardeners who cherish the past and strive to preserve biodiversity. These seeds, passed down through generations, represent unique varieties that have been cultivated for their exceptional flavors, resilience, and adaptability to specific climates and soils. Unlike commercial hybrids, heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, meaning they retain their distinctive characteristics when saved and replanted year after year. When you grow heirlooms you are contributing to sustainable gardening practices by maintaining genetic diversity within crop species.


The collection includes the following:

  • Black Beauty Zucchini

  • Armenian Dark Green Cucumber

  • Brandywine Heirloom Tomatoes

  • San Marzano Heirloom Tomatoes

  • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Seed

  • Poblano (Ancho) Pepper

  • Red Russian Kale


About The Seeds:

  • Black Beauty Zucchini: This American classic zucchini is a tradition for a reason. They thrive all summer in temperatures well above 100 degrees. They are excellent fresh, fried, pickled, canned and do especially well frozen so you can keep eating them into the winter! Bushy and compact, they continually bear shiny black fruits all summer. Pick black shiny fruit when they've reached about 8" long for the tenderest texture and smaller seeds.

  • Armenian Dark Green Cucumber: These extreme heat loving cucumbers have a goofy shape and a fresh succulent texture. Their skin is relatively thin which reduces peeling time and they are sweet and bitter free. This variety produces dark green cucumbers. Fruits can get up to 36" long and are very productive in temperatures over 100 degrees. Please note that these seeds are dark green.

  • Brandywine Heirloom Tomatoes: Brandywine Heirloom tomatoes are as luxurious as they sound. With fruits getting up to one pound, they have a rich, robust flavor. It is recommended to cage these well because they are indeterminate and will develop a life of their own. Tomatoes prefer morning sun or lightly filtered all day sunlight, especially in hot climates.

  • San Marzano Heirloom Tomatoes: San Marzano are the best choice of tomatoes for paste. They stay sweet even when cooked down to a paste and are easy to peel. They need a good cage because they are indeterminate and vining so make sure to keep them organized! These tomatoes are unique in that they prefer full sun exposure.

  • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Seed: This is a lovely old heirloom from Long Island with a traditional flat, ribbed shape and climbing prolific vines. They are known for their sweet, smooth flesh. It does well on a trellis or along a fence, and is very prolific in hot summers over 100 degrees.

  • Poblano (Ancho) Pepper: At the very bottom of the Scoville hot pepper heat scale, these beauties are more about the subtle flavor than the shocking heat. Called Poblano when fresh and Ancho when dried, they are wonderful in hot sauce, baked, powdered and in chile rellenos. Like most peppers, it loves the heat and is super productive in summer heat over 100 degrees. If you are in a zone without frost, it can also grow as a perennial. Just remember to fertilize it at the beginning of the second spring!

  • Red Russian Kale: This tender kale is delicate and doesn't need to be massaged like other varieties like Lacinto or Black Magic. It is medium height and purple stemmed with deeply lobed leaves. It grows very well in dry areas with cold winters and hot summers.

Heirloom Seed Collection

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