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Gourmet Microgreens



I grow gourmet, small batch microgreens locally in Joshua Tree. With a background in design, I use interesting flavors and colors to create unique visual and taste experiences. Unlike most microgreens mixes, I use micro herbs and surprising greens like opal basil, dandelion, purslane and marigold to produce a unique flavor palette. 


The greens are grown in soil without pesticides or herbicides using natural light. Only all natural, sustainably-sourced vegan OIM inputs are used for nutrients. The shelf-life for these greens can be up to two weeks if properly cared for (refrigerated but not frozen). I hold a current Certified Producer's Certificate from the Department of Food and Agriculture (Issuing County San Bernardino). 

Interested in Microgreens for your restaurant or grocery store?

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Microgreens are harvested after the cotyledons have emerged and sometimes a set of true leaves as well. According to NPR, evidence shows that the nutrients are more concentrated in these tiny greens, with 4-6 times more nutrients than the leaves of their adult counterparts! Micros are used to enrich the nutrition, flavor and aesthetic of any meal! They can be added to sandwiches, soups, salads and most other things for flavor or placed as a beautiful garnish on a plated meal. You can also just eat them by the handful!


Sprouts are germinated seeds. When you eat a sprout you are eating seed as well as the immature cotyledons. Sprouts are usually only a day or three old whereas microgreens are 7-21 days old. This means that microgreens have had more time to develop the unique flavors, colors and forms that each plant holds through photosynthesis. As a result, sprouts are used for crunchy texture in dishes whereas microgreens are used for adding nutrients, an explosion of flavor and decoration to meals as garnishes!

Left to right: Lemon Basil, Salad Burnet, Nasturtium, Ruby Red Streaks Mustard, Marigold 

Interested in Microgreens? Email me here.

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